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Web Video Case Studies
Miller Dodson Associates

The Challenge:
Create an integrated web video communications campaign that will inform potential clients about the value of  Miller Dodson Associates, and their Capitol Reserve Study offering.
The Reserve Study concept is complex and yet StratDV was able to create short compelling, instructional web video segments, that address some of the questions regarding the Reserve Study process, and begin a conversation with potential clients. The video's further position the Reserve Study experts at Miller Dodson Associates as leaders in their field. In addition to posting and optimizing the video content on YouTube, StratDV has built a full featured web video playlist library for the Miller Dodson website:

The results:
The professionally designed informative corporate video production segments on details of the Reserve Study process have been well received by Miller Dodson clients, and industry peers. Through the videos MDA has been able to introduce potential clients to the complexities of the Reserve Study Process in a clear and distinctive way. MDA plans on releasing more web videos in 2012 which will address some of the FAQ's (frequently asked questions), and promote a new service offering: The Strategic Funding Plan.

Todd's DIRT Seasonings and Rubs:

 A Case Study in the use of web video, and social media to grow a brand.

StratDV Video Production was hired by Todd Courtney CEO of Todd's DIRT Seasoning's and Rub's towards the end of 2010 to begin implementing an online video and social media campaign to expand and grow the DIRT brand and franchise online. The strategy was to develop a series of video's that would showcase Todd's award winning product, capitalize on the recent wins he has had with major retailers and take advantage of Todd's personal brand, his unique style, personality and humor. Our strategy was to create a "food channel" type of look and feel and a pace and flow of the web video content matching or mimicking that of the popular food network cable shows. The videos are fun, playful and provide valueable content and tips for food preparation using the Todd's DIRT products. Live video's were shot at trade shows, and various event venues, and the material was then edited and loaded on the Todd's DIRT website, as well as Youtube, Facebook. A business professor who teaches marketing at NYU met Todd at a cooking demonstration in New York City, was impressed not only with the product, but also with the video content, social media marketing and positioning and branding campaign we had created for the product. This NYU Professor of Marketing asked Todd for permission to use his video, and marketing strategies as a Case Study for his marketing students to study and analyze. Today,Todd's DIRT Seasonings is currently sold in over 1000 stores nationwide, and in countries such as Sweden, and Norway. Watch the video below as CEO Todd Courtney explains how our strategy worked for his company!

Home Solutions Infusion Therapy

The Challenge:

Prepare in a very limited timeframe, Patient centered instructional video content and develop a web-based and easily searchable Patient library of video content for the patients receiving infusion therapy care through Home Solutions, a nationally recognized provider of home infusion care services.


The service has been viewed very successfully by the patients, and care givers. The Patient Care Library, provides a reinforcement and a refresher for the patient after receiving initial instruction and care from the Home Solutions home healthcare provider. This web-based instructional video site, provides an extra level of aftercare and service to the patient, and allows Home Solutions to better allocate the manpower and workflow of the Home Solutions Infusion Care Specialists.

Sunny Acres Sports Systems

(Re-branding an established Construction Company with Online Video)

StratDV Video Production was hired as part of a re-branding campaign for SASS Sunny Acres Sports Systems, an established general contracting company in the Mid-Atlantic region. Fully 75% of the work involved in the installation of a new synthetic turf sports field involves "base construction." We worked with SASS to develop a professional and comprehensive behind the scenes corporate web video series that documents every step in the construction of a synthetic turf sports field. The intent of the web video strategy on YouTube was to position SASS as the premier, go-to vendor for synthetic turf fields and establish this construction company as uniquely equipped to handle the complexities of the field construction process. Multiple video shorts were produced and posted to Youtube and other sites online. A comprehensive contact strategy is being deployed that will utilize the videos to tell the story of this company.

The results:
The strategy of placing multiple short web videos of the synthetic turf field construction process on YouTube and optimizing those videos with the correct search terms and metadata has proven to be highly successful. Certain videos have registered over 15,000 views, and most SASS web videos appear in a search of YouTube, gaining prominence over competitor videos. StratDV produces a wide variety of corporate video content including: testimonial videos, recruitment videos, product demo videos, training videos, instructional videos, animated videos and so much more. To find out more email us at: or call 443-534-5034.

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